Table Match


A Tables match is a match in which to win a wrestler must put their opponent through a table—that is, a wrestler must use some offensive maneuver on their opponent that causes them to contact and break the table.

Tables matches can be contested with tag teams, under both elimination and one "fall" rules. A more "extreme" version, the Flaming Table match requires the tables be set aflame before an opponent is put through it for it to count towards a win. Another variation is the two out of three tables match. There is also another type called the three table showdown which can only be won when one wrestler puts his opponent through three tables but it does not have to be at the same time.


  • Table Match: Super Heavyweight vs. Light HeavyWeight

Batista was one of the most dominate superstars to put his opponent to the table and smash it with Tajiri head and then with the Slam.

  • The Dudleys with the table
The Dudleys Boys are good at Table match they Have been Winning matches with the 3-D on they oppo

The Dudley Boys doing the 3-D at the Table to RVD

nent head and body, also they have been winning matches with the Suplex on they opponent's full body such as Christian with hes brother Edge, The Hardys Boys, Kane and the Undertaker and some of others opponent.


  • Rules Are sample put your opponent to the Table and slam him with any kind of moves and you win the match and is no DQ, No Submission, No Pinfalls or Count Out.

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