School Boy Move have been use by many of Superstars like, Nunzio, Jeff Hardy, Spike Dudley and then Some.

Show HistoryEdit

  • Nunzio use the School Boy for winning matches

Nunzio is a Professional doing School Boys to his Opponents went they are restractive by someone he is Fast also and most of the time he wins the match with the School Boy.

  • Jeff Hardy loves the School

Jeff Hardy Use the School boy went the opponent is behind him most of the time works but some of the time the opponent kick out the school boy pin.

  • Spike Dudley is back to School

Spike Dudley do this move of the memorie of his school and he is good doing this move to his opponent.


  • The most common type of roll up is the schoolboy where the attacking wrestler drops down behind the opponent and puts one arm up between the opponent's legs to pull the opponent over the attacking wrestler so that they fall flat on their back. At this point, the attacking wrestler would stack the fallen opponent on their shoulders for the pin. Often when female wrestlers use this move, commentators will refer to it as a schoolgirl.

  • This technique gives its name to the schoolboy bump and is performed when the wrestler drops down to his (schoolboy)/her (schoolgirl) knees behind the opponent and forces his/her bodyweight forward to trip the opponent over the attacking wrestler so that they fall flat on their back. The name schoolboy also refers to a roll-up pin.

  • The School Boy is a lower move it takes only a little damage to his opponent.

  • Damage

'Body:' 8 percent of damage

  • Type

Pin only

  • Stamina waste

8 of stamina

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