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WWE HeAT (formerly known as WWF Sunday Night Heat, WWE Sunday Night Heat and capitalized as WWE HEAT) was a professional wrestling show for World Wrestling Entertainment.

The New Sunday Night Heat Logo

It was aired on USA Network, MTV and Spike TV in the United States, Channel 4, Sky1 & Sky Sports in the United Kingdom and CTV Sportsnet in Canada.

HeAT was most recently streamed on on Friday afternoons for North American viewers. However, the show was still televised internationally and showed in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports 3, Australia on Fox8, India on TEN Sports, Germany on Premiere Sport Portal, France on Action, Spain on Sportmania and C+ Deportes -both channels from Digital+, the Middle East on ShowSports4, the Philippines on Jack TV, and Japan on J Sports. The final episode was uploaded to on May 30, 2008. The show was replaced internationally with WWE Vintage Collection, a program featuring classic WWE matches.

Format Sports entertainment
Created by Vince McMahon
Starring Raw Brand
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 513
Running time 46 minutes (television), 36 minutes (webcast)
Original channel USA Network (1998-2000)

MTV (2000-2003) TNN/Spike TV (2003-2005) Webcast on (2005-2008)

Original run August 2, 1998 (1998-08-02) – May 30, 2008 (2008-05-30)
Status Ended


Early yearsEdit

The show was originally introduced as WWF Sunday Night Heat on the USA Network on August 2, 1998. The one hour show would be broadcasted live on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern. It was the second most important show in the WWF line-up serving as a supplement to the Monday Night Raw program. HeAT would feature promos, vignettes and in-ring action just like Raw, and in many ways, it was what SmackDown! was to Raw from 1999 to 2002. Upper mid-card and main event wrestlers were no strangers to Heat, appearing each week. Storylines from the previous week would progress during the show, and the next day's Raw would be heavily promoted. The show itself was a big ratings draw for the USA Network trailing not too far behind the big numbers of Raw.


With the advent of SmackDown! in 1999, Heat significantly decreased in importance as well as ratings. The debut of SmackDown! also led to Heat being

WWE Sunday Night Heat

taped before SmackDown! with matches for WWF syndication programs like Jakked/Metal to be taped before Raw broadcasts. When SmackDown! premiered in August 1999, Heat briefly became a complete recap show, with exclusive interviews and feuds recapped as music videos. This only lasted a few weeks, and the show began airing exclusive matches again, this time taping before SmackDown!. Near the peak of WWE's popularity and as part of WWE's television deal with Viacom, the show was moved to MTV. WWF has also aired two special editions of Halftime HEAT which aired during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII on USA Network.

The First Sunday Night Heat 1999 Logo

These specials ended following the movement of Heat to MTV. In 2000, the current logo and theme song was adopted. When the show started airing on MTV in late 2000, it was broadcast live from WWF New York. WWF Superstars would appear at the restaurant as special guests while Michael Cole and Tazz would call pre-taped matches live. WWF Sunday Night Heat's ratings weren't much different despite the change in networks.


This practice ended in 2002 and the show reverted to its original format of taping the matches, again before Raw, and have the commentators call the action and have it burned to the matches. It was at this time that (in the U.K.), Channel 4 ended their syndication of the program, which was later

WWF Sunday Night Heat

picked up by BSkyB, to compliment their existing coverage. In Ma


y 2002, WWF Sunday Night Heat was renamed to WWE Sunday Night Heat after the lawsuit filed by the World Wildlife Foundation.

Since the brand extension in 2002, Heat has been broadcast with only Raw superstars and reverted back to being before RAW. The exception to this was on pay-per-view nights, which were broadcast live from the pay-per-view venue and could involve SmackDown! wrestlers. In May 2002, SmackDown! branched off its own sister show, Velocity, which replaced Jakked/Metal, and mirrored the same characteristics as Heat.

Steven Richards, who at one time was the most regular competitor on Sunday Night HEAT, dubbed himself "General Manager of Heat" (though he carried out no GM duties) and began calling the show Stevie Night Heat.

Wrestler DebutEdit

  • Throughout Heat's history, many wrestlers made their WWF/WWE debuts on the show. In 1998, William Regal, and Andrew Martin

    Tough Enough Sunday Night Heat

    (Test), all made their debuts on WWF Sunday Night HeAT.
  • more of 1999, Stevie Richards, Kurt Angle, and Albert made their debuts on WWF Sunday Night Heat.
  • In 2000, Lita, and Trish Stratus (Back from injury) made their debuts on WWF Sunday Night Heat.
  • In 2001, Victoria (New Diva) and Shelton Benjamin (Back from injury) made their debuts on the show.
  • In 2002 (Present), Tough Enough winner Rico made his debut on the show.

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